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What is The Jewel Mine?

The Jewel Mine by Julian Jewels is an education platform and community supporting musicians and creative professionals in their journey towards financial self sufficiency.

Our mission is to empower the creative to develop sustainable systems of independence leveraging their intellectual property & cultural currency.

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  • Develop a revenue-generating business model
  • Identify which revenue streams to pursue and how to monetize them
  • Set up ad campaigns that actually work
  • Learn the guiding principles of human psychology to get people aware of your products
  • Build custom systems that work so campaigns are automated

The Jewel Mine has been one of my favorite resources to tap into for fresh info and has consistently helped me to gain a better footing in the business of my musicJermarco Britton, Musician & Founder of Soul Shed STL recommends Julian JewelsJerMarco Britton
Musician & Founder/CEO of Soul Shed STL

What's Included?

Here's whats included in a Jewel Mine Membership:

Recording Studio

Access to book time in our signature recording studio in the heart of St. Louis, MO.

The Music Business Checklist

Become a JEWEL of the music industry by completing our three month online course where you receive a daily lessons designed to build on the foundation of your music career.

Archived Julian Jewels Episodes

Access to archived episodes of the Julian Jewels weekly vlog featuring topics on legal, accounting, distribution, marketing, performance and tons more.

An Exclusive Resource Library

Lectures, Panels, eBooks, & many more resources that will increase your knowledge-base of the music biz so you can make more money.


How often is the website updated?

The Jewel Mine is updated two times a week with new resources & opportunities for members.

Will The Jewel Mine make me rich & famous?

The goal of Julian Jewels is to help you develop sustainable systems of independence leveraging your intellectual property & cultural currency. If you happen to gain a large following in the process, dope! If you are offered a million dollar record deal, awesome! But our guarantee is to give you the tools, knowledge and resources to sustain your music career for longevity.

If I want hands-on support, can I contact you guys directly?

YES you can! There are check-points in the Music Business Checklist course where you receive a 30 minute one-on-one session. However, we offer discounted consultations for members on-demand and will gladly help guide you as you’re putting the work in.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

You sure can! Simply email us at [email protected] with the Subject Line, "Cancel My Jewel Mine Membership." Your previous payment is non-refundable however future charges will be prevented. For more information on the cancellation policy, please refer to the Section 3.2 of the Terms & Conditions.